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Friday, October 27, 2006



My Wacom Intuos 6 x 11 pad came today. Complete with five button mouse and two button pen. 3 style of interchangeble nib (with 3 backup nibs), and a glorius 10 progamable button pad to boot.

I just have to say this........WOOT!!! L33T H4X0R! R0CK0N!!!

Ahem....Anyways, before I sign off, figured I'd post the first decent drawing I've made with the pad thus far (last 2 hours have been set up and goofing around). Just a quick frame drawing of Rock "Fuzzy Brows" Lee with an incoming kunai dagger. I'll edit it some more later. Right now it's dinna time.

Laters all.


p.s. WOOT!...again


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