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Friday, February 16, 2007


Hey there again anyone and everyone. I would have posted some drawings and things last week, but I had a %#@*-ton of assignments, projects, tests, and quiz's crammed into those five short days, and I played catchup on the weekend. So finally I've had some time to work on some drawings and play around with photoshop. Well, actually I was working with photoshop. I got my first graphic design request from a forestry group on campus. They were looking for someone to generate a picture or two for their website and a possible line drawing for shirts. I stepped up to the plate and put some honest hard work in on photoshop, and the group liked what they saw. They requested one drawing with three Ents (you know from lord of the rings) talking to each other because their group's nickname is the "Tree Amigos". And for their second drawing (the line drawing) they wanted a drawing of a gnarled old tree. Hence the two pictures below (I also rendered the tree in color for them too). I'm going to meet with the guy from the group who requested the drawings next week and get paid (Sweet!!).

In addition to this I've got some more drawings that I've been tooling around with in the past week or two in my off time. I haven't yet had chance to line edit any of them yet so they're still pretty rough. Oh, and by the way Marv and Boop is on hiatus for a little while longer ('til I get some more comics made :P).

I also made a shirt for my dad (really likes golf). I don't have a drawing of what the front looks like but, I pulled the the front from the original rendering I've got labeled as front. And the back is of my own design (it looks a lot better on the shirt :P).

I've found that if I really really take my time drawing, I can churn out some pretty good stuff (at least in my opinion it's really good).

Well that's it for now. Think I'll get some sleep (three day weekend whoohoo!!!)