It involves leprechauns, grilled cheese sandwiches, and a particular shade of purple.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Quick blurb for today. I rented the newly released Final Fantasy Advent Children today. I don't want to say aynthing cuz it'll spoil the movie. But, the battle scenes are freakin' awesome. This movie took my breath away. Gotsta go now.

Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm so Borrreeeddd


So, it's only Monday and I'm feeling really sluggish. I'm really bored, and I'm procrasting this week's net comic. After things settle down tomorrow, I'll do my best to get it done. 'Til then you can enjoy this flattering pic of my feet and messy side-desk.

The pic is a little old, and I've cleaned up since.

Anyways, Laters,


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Addicting little game. Here

Everything's going awesome recently. Haven't had any homework at all this week. Finished throwing and trimming all of my cups in pottery. All wet work had to be done by Wednesday. Had my personal best on the wheel Tuesday. 10 cups in one hour. Friggin awesome. All that's left for pottery is glazing and finishing up all our work.

Golf is going amazingly well. I've finally got a good feel for my irons. No more slicing. Yay! :) Can't wait to work on my driving and fairway woods.

All actions have been taken to transfer me over to the art department. I am officially a BFA major. Woohoo! Hootch that pootch! Rad man, rad! Bossanova! Toobular! COWABUNGAAAA!!!

Only like two or three weeks left until the semester ends too. Yay, sweet non-educated, summer freedom.

I think that's about all the news for this week. Oh yeah. Hopefully, sometime next week I'll get another comic up.



Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Halt or be destroyed

I've developed my first comic with the Halt or Be Destroyed karate bunny from the last post. Actually, I made it a while ago, but didn't think of it 'til now. Well, enjoy.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Oh wells

Went to check on my page at myspace. Apparently there's a technical problem or soemthing cuz I can't visit my homepage to check for new messages or do much of anything. Oh well. Such is life.

But, everything else has been going well lately. I'm currently in the process of switching to a major I'm interested in. I'm going into a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in graphics design. I've always like doodling and drawing in my spare time. Hopefully, with enough work in the art department I can further enhance skills I've already developed, and learn plenty more. Also, I've already eleminated quite a few classes required for the BFA through my current/old major. Pretty cool. I probably won't finish in the original four years as planned, but I think I will really enjoy being an artist.

Here's a few pics that I've drawn so far.

Having trouble loading the pics, so later I'll post 'em. Not too much later I hope.

*Edited* Yay the pictures finally came through. Yay. Yay. Yay.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just some pics I took with my new hair job. I got's highlights in my hair nows.
Throwing up the horns
Pulling in the horns (gotta luv photoshop)


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Hey there.

Finally got fed up with the emails from so I decided to fill out the form in hopes that they'd stop emailing me. Doubtful though.

However, I found three other classmates who registered too. I hope at least one of them will get in contact with me. This means you *points finger like uncle sam posters*. You know who you are.

I posted my blog here on the picture I posted there to get around the payfilter that uses. Seriously, they spam you like crazy. Then, they won't even let you email other classmates without signing up to pay. Hopefully my devious scheme will work.

I now have another blog and profile started up at this site

However, it is likely that I'll almost never update it.

Not much more news for right now. I have an essay due friday that I haven't started yet, but I'm not too worried. I got a B+ on the last one barely trying, so I think I'll be alright.

Anyways, if you want an interesting intro blog post check out my other page that I won't update much.


Sunday, April 02, 2006


So my dad and I went and helped clean up at the golf course that we play at. Every year they have an anual spring clean up for the course. Last year was pretty mellow, but this year they had cut up six full-grown trees. When I say full grown, they were like 100-150 years old. No lie. So after we spent the morning cleaning up these trees, I was looking forward to a round of golf, but guess what? It clouded up and started raining. Anger!!!! Oh well, it should be sunny this coming saturday, so we'll probably get some golf in.

Anyways, that's my news from the weekend.

Andy out.